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  • ""Our 3rd grade students were excited to learn that they had super hero powers that allow them to stay healthy! They enjoyed learning from Dr. Kelly as they were able to be hands-on and the information was presented in an enthusiastic and child-centered way. As the students returned to school, it was obvious that they had retained the information shared and they are more aware of how to care for their bodies to allow them to be healthy and energized! This is a program that any and all could benefit from and I would highly recommend it! Thank you, Dr. Kelly!!!"

    Geoff Hewitt, Principal - Supervisor of Curriculum
    Lambertville School District
    Lambertville, NJ"
  • ""Community Wellness Day was one filled with knowledge, learning and fun. Not only for me, a mother of two toddlers, but for them as well. Our day started with a booth that showcased the human body's organs. It was done in the most inventive way. When they finished their project, they both pulled their organ T-shirts over their heads and wore them proudly. Before heading home, we got a healthy treat at a yogurt stand where a young father and his daughter approached us and had to know where we got the neat shirts. I informed him of the event and off they went in search for wellness."

    Bridget Nimbach, Community Wellness Day Attendee
    Ferndale, MI"
  • ""Dr. Kelly doesn't give a presentation, she gives a performance! She is the Emeril of Health Care! Her programs have been a wonderful addition to our school, and I highly recommend them. They have been a hit with the kids, teachers and parents. There is nothing quite like her programs on the marketplace today - she has captured something really special. Her programs should be in every school in the country, and a part of every community."

    Kathleen Hanna
    Director, The Pennington Montessouri School
    Pennington, NJ"
  • ""The value of the Superkids Wellness Programs cannot be understated. There is not a school (or a child) in the country that would not benefit from this education. These programs are in a class of their own and I stand by their products as well as their message."

    Sharen Howard
    Principal, McGregor Elementary
    Rochester, MI"
  • ""As a Farm Manager who spends much of her time cajoling kids to try veggies at our markets, I know that the more kids understand how good eating affects their health (from "how fast they can run" to "how much they can concentrate in school"), the easier my job is. And I really believe that kids who learn early about nutrition develop the habits to make them healthy adults. I can only hope that all kids get this kind of education and that they get it presented by someone like Dr. Kellyann who has designed such engaging hands-on learning programs. These programs are a wonderful and meaningful experience for any kid to have. The knowledge they learn from Dr. Kellyann's programs last a lifetime. What could be of more value?"

    Maria Nicolo, Co-Owner and General Manager, Gravity Hill Organic Farm
    Hopewell, NJ"
  • ""I couldn't be happier to give a testimonial for Dr. Kellyann's programs. How would you like your children to actually read a nutrition label, or ask: is there any fiber in this? Or when they eat candy to actually ask is this Ok, or should I "pitch it"? Because those are some of the things your kids will gain from these wonderful programs. The kids become known as the little health experts in their community and it is a really wonderful thing to watch. I have no doubt wherever these programs are implemented, the kids and the community will be better for it. Plus, the kids love them! Great job Dr Kellyann on making a difference!"

    Suzanne Kelly, Mother of Three
    Newtown, PA"
  • ""As a Mom, Doctor and business owner, I can tell you no matter how busy we get we can't forget what's important - it's our kids. This program teaches our kids one of the most important things they can learn - why they should be healthy and how to get there. Don't even hesitate. Get the program in your office today!"

    Dr. Tiffany Harris-Grim, DC
    Harris Family Chiropractic
    Glendale, AZ"
  • ""I was lucky enough to have two of my children go through Dr. Kellyann's programs. I can only say that I truly believe it's one of the best things I have done for them. It really showed me how important it is that the kids learn how to make better choices at a young age. Her programs are fun and full of good information. If you are a Doctor, you should make sure all of your patients get these programs. If you are an educator, these programs are the best health education out there. If you are a Mom - you will be so glad you took the time to be sure your kids get this information. It will pay off in dividends."

    Debbie Fish, Mother of Three
    Pennington, NJ"
  • ""With Dr, Kellyann's passion for kids health and wellness, it's no surprise she has come up such brilliant programs. I have known her for years and she will not stop until she has put a dent into the our nations health crisis - especially when it comes to our children. My hope is that all of my patients learn what Dr. Kellyann is teaching. I don't want just the parents in my office - I want families in my office. These programs are a great way to introduce children into your office. I am expecting my first child - and you can be sure Dr. Kellyann's programs will be a part of his education."

    Dr. Kendra Carter-Nelson, DC
    Owner, Back and Bodyworks Chiropractic
    Chandler, AZ"
  • ""Dr. Kellyann has always been one of the most disciplined and focused people I have known. That focus and the passion she has for kids health is like the perfect storm. She took all of that passion and created programs that are going to make an impact on your practice My practice is a family practice. In fact, about 50% of my patients are kids. These programs are a great way to introduce all of the wellness concepts that keep them healthy. What a wonderful way to reach out to the kids. These programs are like a mothers dream!"

    Dr. Jessica Gudgel, DC
    Owner, Gudgel Lundius Family Chiropractic
    Marion, Indiana"
  • ""As a homeschooling mom it was pleasure to attend one of Dr. Kelly's presentations. Her presentation was fun and chock-full of wonderful facts that piqued the kid's interest. All three of my children despite their age differences, (ages 10, 6 and 4) were able to glean some really important information about how their bodies work and what kind of food is best for growing healthy bodies. Dr. Kelly is a natural with children and offers many hands-on activities during her presentation to hold the children's interest. I would highly recommend all of Dr. Kelly's programs and products. She will steer you and your children in the right direction."

    Sarah Bastian, Homeschooling Mom
    Morrisville, PA"
  • ""Superkids Wellness is an amazing program that is interactive, engaging and lifestyle changing. Dr. Kelly is genuine in her desire to share valuable information to Children and Parents in regards to a healthy diet. She is energetic and her enthusiasm is infectious. I have seen children make better food choices as they were given information that enabled them to that end. Dr. Kelly was able communicate information about the digestive system, hydration etc in a manner that the children were able to assimilate at their level. The cookies were still tasty and nutritious and a very viable substitute to the other options available to us. Thumbs up all the way !!!!"

    Arun Paul
    President and CEO
    Mango Media Productions LLC"
  • ""Superkids Wellness is a great program. As a parent, you can only do so much from home. Dr. Kellyann brought Superkids Wellness into his school and hit a home run! The success of her program is being able to talk to kids at an early age and at a level they can relate to. Dr. Kellyann makes it fun to learn healthy eating habits. My son makes healthy food choice not because "mom tells him too," but because he understands how healthy eating powers the body and mind. Thanks Dr. Kellyann!"

    Katye Loughery, Mother of Two
    Pennington, NJ"
  • ""Dr. Kelly is one of the most entertaining speakers I have ever watched with children. She is engaging and speaks to the children in a way that they understand. Throughout her program the children are busy absorbing everything she has to say and applying them to real life situations regarding their health, nutrition and the choices they make! My child came home with a wealth of knowledge and now keeps us on our toes!"

    Meghan McCallum Schoennagel, Office Manager
    Pennington Montessori School
    Pennington, NJ"
  • ""Our third graders thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Kellyan Petrucci's health and wellness program. She passionately taught the children about important jobs of our body's organs and how we can take care of them. She provided time for students to digest this important information by stopping to color in the organ she spoke about onto a tee shirt. The learning continued as the students proudly wore their tee shirts to school and taught others about the organs. Her red, yellow, green light concept on eating junk food was so easy for them to grasp and implement in their daily lives. Her message is a simple, wholesome approach to ensure strong and healthy individuals."

    Janet Nocar, RN - School Nurse
    Lambertville School District
    Lambertville, NJ"

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Our 3rd grade students were excited to learn that they had super hero powers that allow them to stay healthy! They enjoyed learning from Dr. Kelly as they were able to be hands-on and the information was presented in an enthusiastic and child-centered way. As the students returned to school, it was obvious that they had retained the information shared and they are more aware of how to care for their bodies to allow them to be healthy and energized! This is a program that any and all could benefit from and I would highly recommend it! Thank you, Dr. Kelly!!!

    Geoff Hewitt, Principal - Supervisor of Curriculum Lambertville School District Lambertville, NJ"

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